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BC Serdon was established in 1996. For more than 15 years, our team has been delivering a wide range of business services, always aiming at superior quality. We work together with our clients and we proud on our services, acknowledging that the results of them contribute greatly to the economic growth in our country.

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Dutch Trade Mission March 2012

In the end of March 2012 BC Serdon prepared a group mission for Dutch companies operating in the environmental sector, water treatment and waste management. During the Dutch Trade Mission, which took place from 27 to 29 March 2012, representatives of the companies held meetings with some of the leaders on the Bulgarian market. (more...)

"Orizari+" Investment Project

BC Serdon has been chosen to be the primary consultant for Orizari + investment project by the developer, Bulgarstroy Engineering OOD. Defined by Invest Bulgaria Agency as a priority Technical Park Project, Orizari + is an Industrial zone project. The concept was developed after research revealed the necessity to offer to potential investors, employers and entrepreneurs one multifunctional... (more...)

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14.04.2018 Serdon

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Would always lend a helping hand off ice to whomever needed help, no questions asked. He just helped! Joe had goals as he has now achieved the ultimate goal of playing in the NHL, yet he always believed in the team goals and achieving those first. Joe had a simple attitude, no excuses! Get the job done at the rink, at the home, at the gym, at school.

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Moving further, the report offers a clear picture of the market by segmenting it on the basis of product types, vaccine types, nutritional feed additives, disinfectants and animal type. On the basis of product type, it covers endoparasiticides, antibiotics, ectoparasiticides, anti inflammatories and endectocides. Amongst, the segment of antibiotics held the leading share, which is anticipated to remain as well until the end of 2024.

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