BC Serdon – Extenda’s antenna in Bulgaria

By the end of 2008 BC Serdon began cooperating with the Trade Promotion Agency of Andalucía – Extenda. This partnership reached a higher level in early 2009, when BC Serdon had been chosen to be the antenna of the agency in Bulgaria, with the purpose of analyzing this developing market for opportunities intended for Andalucian businesses.
Extenda is a company owned by the regional government of Andalucia, with its headquarters in Seville. This agency is committed to support foreign businesses entering the Andalucian market. Equally, it promotes the expansion of Andalucian companies, products and services on a worldwide scale, supporting the entry of Spanish companies in new markets.
BC Serdon’s role in the established partnership is to facilitate Extenda’s interest in the Bulgarian market. Thus our company will carry out market entry services, analysis of the economical and business contexts. The main goal is to identify commercial opportunities suitable for Extenda and its associates’ objectives. Once this is achieved, BC Serdon can organize trade missions and provide business development opportunities for the interested companies.
Our team perceives this relationship as one of the most important in our portfolio, hoping to live up to Extenda’s expectations. The significance of the mission motivates us to become added value on the development of Spanish-Bulgarian commercial bond.

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