Bulgarian Dealers Association

Apart from business consultancy services, Serdon acts as the coordinator of the Bulgarian Dealers Association – BDA (www.bda-bg.com ). It is a non-governmental organization, which unites bank dealers and representatives of all financial institutions in the country. The association has more than 120 members from 35 banks.
Serdon maintains the BDA database, offers administrative and financial assistance, coordinates all activities, and leads correspondence with the members. The organization management services provided   also include the preparation of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors meetings, annual conferences, as well as team building events (carting, tennis competitions, rafting etc.).

Serdon handles the organization of business meetings with the Ministry of Finance and the Association of Banks in Bulgaria. Finally, we work for the development of BDA international activities, currently preparing for its enrollment into ACI – The Financial Markets Association (http://www.aciforex.com/)

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