“Orizari+” Investment Project

In the spring of 2012 BC Serdon was chosen to be the primary consultant for Orizari + investment project by the developer, Bulgarstroy Engineering OOD.
Defined by Invest Bulgaria Agency as a priority Technical Park Project, Orizari + is an Industrial zone project. The concept was developed after research revealed the necessity to offer to potential investors, employers and entrepreneurs one multifunctional and self-sufficient zone providing not only plots for business development but also all the indispensable services required for a healthy working environment like green areas, common recreation areas, commercial centers.
The project is strategically located on a major road artery to Plovdiv, just 4km from the city itself. Envisioned start date of the project: September 2012
BC Serdon actively seeks to engage with potential investors and companies who want to accelerate their business in Bulgaria by joining the family of Orizari +.

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