Insulation materials Research and Analysis

In 2004 BC Serdon was contracted by a foreign company to prepare market research and analysis on insulation materials (EPS and XPS) in Bulgaria. In order to be able to supply the client with a detailed forecast for future demand on the Bulgarian market, we collected detailed statistical data about the types of construction currently being undertaken in Bulgaria, the quantity of new buildings being built or planned, the size of the construction market in terms of value, and the construction materials most commonly used. Another important part of this research was identifying supply sources and major suppliers active on the local market, as well as providing an overview of any major investment projects in the near future concerning the production of insulation materials in Bulgaria. This research required collection of data from public and private sources, including government agencies, municipalities, as well as key players in the construction and real estate sectors. The 80-page final report presented an analysis and general forecast for supply and demand of insulation materials, as well as planned construction activity in Bulgaria for the next three to five years.

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