Water Treatment Systems

The American company Ttanks Environmental, producer of wastewater treatment equipment, contacted BC Serdon to find potential clients and to assist the company in offering their products on the Bulgarian market. During the preliminary research, which included all sectors of the economy, our team was able to identify 375 companies with potential interest in Ttanks technologies. We listed all the companies and provided the long-list to the management of Ttanks. After initial telephone contacts with the companies and a subsequent exchange of information, we selected the eleven best prospects and arranged meetings with their managers. During the final stage the management of Ttanks attended all the meetings with the companies. Afterwards the Ttanks sales team prepared proposals for the companies. BC Serdon guided Ttanks management during the whole process. As a continuation of this project, BC Serdon experts have prepared a competitive analysis and expansion strategy. In the beginning of 2009 the management of Tanks is planning to present its demonstration unit to all potential clients in Bulgaria in order to show the full capabilities of Ttanks equipment.

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