What is BC Serdon?

Founded in 1996, our company integrates business development and project management, along with other key business consulting services, providing solutions for setting up and growing companies.

BC Serdon has grown from a small office with only three people in 1996 to two offices with 16 employees in 2008.

In 1996, Managing Director Gergana Valova recognized the need for business support services in Bulgaria’s transitional economy. In order to fill this niche, she founded BC Serdon, a business service center that would provide professional services to emerging SMEs in Bulgaria.
In BC Serdon’s first years, the company focused on business development through consultancy to local clients and the promotion of business relations between professionals within a given interest group.
By 1998, BC Serdon’s client base as well as its range of services expanded. BC Serdon began offering informational, educational and management services designed to help local entrepreneurs as well as international clients start, operate and grow their businesses in Bulgaria.

Over the past decade, BC Serdon’s formula for success in the dynamic and fast-growing field of business support services in Bulgaria and South Eastern Europe has rested on our combination of a motivated staff, accumulated knowledge and international experience.

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