The Netherlands – Water Management Seminar 08

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands initiated a seminar entitled “The Netherlands – Partners in Water Management”. It aimed to strengthen the cooperation between The Netherlands and Bulgaria and to support the development of the water sector in Bulgaria.
Answering the request of The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, several key note speakers took part in the event. These included representatives of the Bulgarian Government, environmental and financial specialists, as well as Dutch representatives from the water sector.
Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works in Bulgaria made a presentation, followed by representatives of The Ministry of Environment and Waters, of the Bulgarian Water Association and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Two Dutch speakers, as well as representatives of the Bulgarian “Aquapartner” project and Ecorys South East Europe input dynamic to the seminar with more practice oriented presentations and show cased several good case practices. These activities were presented to an audience of 87 participants from various organizations of the Bulgarian water sector, with reasonable media coverage.
BC Serdon organized all details, defining the programmatic structure of the seminar in collaboration with The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the other speakers, arranging the location and preparing all conditions on site.
Feedback was provided, constituted by information collected through semi-open questionnaires applied to the participants, and a final report, addressing all the accomplishments and issues.

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