AGRA 2010 Fair

During the last week of February 2010, for a sixth consecutive year, Serdon successfully prepared and managed the participation of the Royal Embassy of the Netherlands at the International agricultural exhibition AGRA 2010 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The embassy had invited 9 Dutch companies from various agricultural sectors. The Serdon team successfully carried out the stand logistics and accommodation of the Dutch representatives, as well as established contacts with numerous Bulgarian companies and prepared over 70 business matchmaking meetings. The meetings were accompanied by a two-hour seminar, where all Dutch companies were briefly presented to the fair visitors and exhibitors.
Despite of the difficult financial situation, both nationally and globally, most of the Dutch representatives established numerous contacts with Bulgarian companies during their stay in Bulgaria. One of the companies, presenting new generation herbicide spraying systems, managed to find a partner company to begin distribution of the product line in Bulgaria. Another company, which has been coming to AGRA since 2008, managed to expand to increase its contacts, by meeting new clients for its decorative plants planting material. Two companies producers of flower bulbs, managed to acquire a very thorough overview of the Bulgarian market regarding that specific product, thanks to the prepared meetings. One of the largest Dutch nurseries for fruit trees planting material also got a lot of attention with its new high yield apple, pear and cherry varieties.

The overall feedback from both Dutch and Bulgarian companies was quite high. Most Dutch companies were impressed with the quantity of meetings and the nature of the companies they met with, given the fact that they had low expectations due to the still ongoing global economic and financial crisis.

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