AGRA Fairs 05 – 09

Since 2005 BC Serdon has assisted the Royal Netherlands Embassy in the organization of “The Dutch Approach to Horticulture” seminar, which takes place annually at the international agricultural fair (AGRA Fair) in Plovdiv. The purpose of this event is to actively promote the Netherlands’ expertise in agriculture and in horticulture in particular. The seminar provides direct information from Dutch experts and professionals in horticulture. Every year, the seminar attracts a large number of participants, while numerous other visitors receive information about Dutch agricultural practices from the embassy’s booth at AGRA Fair. After the initial success of the seminar in 2005, it has transformed into a yearly tradition. Since 2005, BC Serdon has been responsible for the organization and management of all the seminars and the booth. BC Serdon has advised the Dutch Embassy on developing the seminar concepts and has also located and compiled information on the subjects discussed by seminar participants.

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