Visa Information for Albania


Citizens of the following countries, DO NOT need a visa to enter Albania:
Armenia – NO visa required
Azerbaijan – NO visa required
Bosnia – NO visa required
Kosovo – NO visa required
Macedonia – NO visa required
Montenegro – NO visa required
Serbia – NO visa required
Ukriane – NO visa required

The full list of countries that do not need visa is available here:

Visas are REQUIRED for the following country nationals:

Georgia – it costs 33 EUR and can be issued in Ankara or Istanbul;

Moldova – it costs 40EUR and can be issued in Bucharest, Sofia, Ankara or Istanbul;

Belarus – it costs 33EUR and can be issued in Moscow or Warsaw;

Russia – it costs 5 EUR and can be issued in Moscow;

Embassies contact information is located at the end of this page!

All the foreigners who have a valid multi – entry Schengen visa, type “C” or “D”, or a valid residence permit in one of the Schengen member states, can enter, stay and transit Albania without visa, within the validity term of the visa or the residence permit;

All holders of Laissez-Passer issued by United Nations Organisations, and its branch, NATO, Council of Europe and European Union, regardless of nationality


The following documents are required:

Main documents:

1 – Passport, which should be valid at least 3 months after the expiry of the term of the requested visa;

2 – Copy of pages of passport containing personal information and also pages providing important travel information;

3 – Completed form in Annex 2 and 2 recent passport-size photographs;

4 – Proof of health insurance;

5 – Round-trip ticket, ticket or proof of possibility of personal transport;

6 – A regular statement according to the respective legislation of the country, issued by the parent/s (guardian) allowing travel in case of minor;

7 – Letter of invitation by the host institution – please contact Pavlin Delchev to receive your invitation letter –;

8 – Verbal note by the institution where the foreigner is employed;

Please note that the visa issuing process can take up to one month!

Visa Application Form

Click here to download the application form –[1].pdf

Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs –

Criteria, procedures and documentation for issuance of visas –


Ankara, Turkey
Sh.T.Z. Altin Kodra
Ambasada e Republikes se Shqiperise ne Republiken e Turqise
Ebu Ziya Tevfik sok. No. 17, Çankaya, Ankara
Tel. +90312 4416103
Fax.+ 90312 4416109

Bucharest, Romania
Sh.T.Z. Sami Shiba
Ambasada e Republikes se Shqiperise ne Republiken e Rumanise
Str.Duiliu Zamfirescu no.7, Sector1 , Bucuresti
Tel.: +4012118743;
Fax.: +40212108039

Istanbul, Turkey
Z. Ermal Muça
Konsull i Pergjithshëm
Konsullata e Përgjithshme Stamboll
Gümüşsuyu Inönü Cad. No. 30/6
Taksim, Istanbul
Tel.+90 212 244 32 56
Fax.+90 212 244 32 38

Moscow, Russia
Sh. T. Z. Sokol Gjoka
Ambasada e Republikes se Shqiperise ne Federaten Ruse
119049, Ulica Mytnaja, dom 3, kvartira 8 Moskva, Russia
Tel.: +7 495 982 38 52 (3); Fax.:+7 495 982 38 54

Sofia, Bulgaria
Z. Petrit Karabina
Ambasada e Republikes se Shqiperise ne
Republiken e Bullgarise
10 Krakra Str. 1504 Sofia Bulgaria
Tel. +359 29433857,
Fax. +3592 943 3069

Warsaw, Poland
Sh. T. Z. Florent Celiku
Ambasada e Republikes se Shqiperise ne Republiken e Polonise
Ul. .Altowa 1, 02-386 Warszawa,Poland
Tel.: +48 22 824 14 27
Fax.:+48 22 824 14 26

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